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Homemade Meals

We believe the healthiest food is made from scratch, that's why we cook every single ingredient in our kitchen, and only choosing the natural ones with no preservatives involved. Yes, that means more work and more people involved in preparing your dishes, but you are worth it! We welcome you to be part of this family and invite you to make "The Nook, Breakfast Spot" part of your daily basis.

Biscuit and Gravy Video
Once upon a time...
(in South Bay, California)

...a restaurateur, an entrepreneur, a chef, a dreamer, they got together with the idea to evoque the sense of the good old days for The Nook. They curated an eclectic selection of Southern California classic breakfast and lunch dishes for their menu. Their are committed to bringing unprocessed ingredients from kitchen to table, just like in the good old days. They proudly presenting to you this gastronomic experience... may your stomach live happily ever after!

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Get in The Nook
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We proudly are able to serve you in two different breakfast spots in South Bay Cities. One is located in the city of Lomita, where the famous Pacific Coast Highway and Narbonne Avenue meet. Our other location is located in the city of San Pedro, just where the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) turns into Gaffey Street and vice versa. We all sincerely appreciate you visiting our website and we can hardly wait until this situation is over in order to have you in our locations, where we will take good care of you. In the meantime we're offering take-out orders in Lomita.